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CD Projekt RED is doing its best to right its wrongs with the huge new update and expansion to Cyberpunk 2077. Despite its flaws, the expansion has certainly added a few new elements, including a whole new zone and a number of new characters. The theme is the gritty world of ’70s crime fiction, and Songbird is our Femme Fatale, but what do we know about this dangerous woman in the center of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty?

Songbird’s dark past

Christened Song So Mi, Songbird was once a high-profile Netrunner along with her handler Solomon Reed. As a child, she always had an amazing skill for manipulation and working with high-level ICE, quickly making a name for herself. She was picked up as soon as her skills showed themselves on the world cyber stage.

Even as a teenager, she was working alongside Solomon Reed to perform high-level infiltration missions and had a big hand in the Night City Unification War. Songbird’s time with her handler, Reed, brought her up from the backdoor Netrunner she once was, into the realm of elite spycraft. Their bond was a deep and long-lasting one. In a world of espionage, there are few people you can rely on.

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A devastating betrayal

As the unification war raged in Night City and Reed and Songbird’s bond grew deeper, so did the dangers and sacrifices expected. As the FIA pulled a hasty retreat from Night City, Reed’s life was the price that was expected to be paid.

Songbird was the executor of the final decision that signed Reed’s life away. The reason he has been buried under fake aliases and perpetual waiting was a call made by Songbird in Cyberpunk 2077.

A new alliance

Being the highly skilled Netrunner she is, she was quickly headhunted by Myers, the ruling president. Her charisma and ability to skirt her way around almost any cyber security out there make her an invaluable ally to anyone able to lock her down.

However, Songbird has her own demons to deal with in Cyberpunk 2077. Cursed by a similar affliction to V, her loyalties are once again tested as she strives to survive.

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