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Bethesda has announced that you can now invite three friends to join you in the Fallout 76 beta. Up to this point, the company has been strict on who gets to enjoy the beta, and who doesn’t. For the most part, most of you would have had to pre-order the game in order to get the code. Well, if you already know someone in the beta, now’s the time to affirm that friendship.

The company announced the news just moments ago via Twitter. “Enjoy [Fallout 76] with your choice friends! B.E.T.A. participants may now tap their three closest pals to team up together in Appalachia,” read the announcement.

Buddy System

The way to get your codes is thankfully simple. For PC players, you must head over to the Transaction History tab on your Bethesda account. Inside there should now be three links labeled B.E.T.A. Friend Code. Click on details, and there you have it: free codes to hand over to your wasteland buddies.

Once your friend has a code, all they need to do is have a Bethesda account and the launcher. After that, they need to load up the Bethesda launcher (assuming it’s working, but who knows?). Then, they have to click on the menu icon at the top-left, then hit the Redeem Code option. Or, they can also do it at the Bethesda website. And as you no doubt noticed, we included all the links for you. Because we care.

If you’d like to read more about Fallout 76 before heading off on your journey, check out our first impressions. But if you’re impatient, we understand. We like what we’ve played so far. It looks and feels like Fallout, you just have more living people nearby, and much fewer NPCs pointing to settlements that need your help. Also, be sure to have your friends check the official PC requirements before getting a code.

Fallout 76 is currently in its beta. The game fully releases for PC on November 13.

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