Far Cry 6 Los Bandidos guide: How to complete Los Bandidos missions

Far Cry 6 Los Bandidos Guide Mission Success Rewards Los Bandidos Leaders Los Bandidos Recruits

Far Cry 6: The basics of Los Bandidos

Let’s discuss the basic mechanics of the Los Bandidos feature in Far Cry 6.


Starting a mission and picking a leader

You can start a Los Bandidos mission in Far Cry 6 as long as you have one available leader. Early on, only Benito is available. Later, you’ll discover various Yaran Stories (sidequests) that reward you with new leaders. Anyway, here’s what you need to know about each mission card:

  • The number at the upper left denotes how many recruits are required to start that mission.
  • The number next to that is how long it would take to prepare a mission. This passes in real-time even while you’re offline.
  • The outline to the right shows how many leaders are required for that mission. There’s even a symbol at the bottom that denotes a particular leader skill that will be helpful.
  • Finally, the image on the left is the final reward that you’ll receive if you complete the mission.

Note 1: As a trial, the first Los Bandidos mission you’ll see will reward you with the Rococo Loco unique auto-pistol.

Note 2: Completing more Los Bandidos missions will unlock the remaining slots so you have additional ones to choose from.

Far Cry 6 Los Bandidos Guide Mission Success Rewards Los Bandidos Leaders Los Bandidos Recruits 1b

Multiple options, success rates, and possible rewards

After the preparation time has elapsed, you’re notified that a Los Bandidos mission is ready. You’ll then see three options on what your squad needs to do:

  • Each choice could lead to a loss of resources or manpower. There are some choices that are a lot safer since you wouldn’t lose anything.
  • Each choice also nets a potential reward, including materials, pesos/cash, high-end upgrade requirements (i.e., gunpowder and Supremo-bonds), additional recruits, or intel (i.e., a higher success rate for succeeding choices).
  • The success rate of each choice determines whether you’ll receive the reward or not. It’s irrespective of any possible losses. For instance, an option might have a 90% success rate, and that you could lose up to 12 recruits. You could pass this and still end up with several recruits dead.

Note 1: Try to ascertain which decisions could lead to better outcomes. Trying to get high-end components might be worth it, but it might be risky if the success rate is low and you could potentially lose a dozen troops. You can increase the success rate of each decision permanently by upgrading the Bandidos Barracks in your guerrilla camp.

Note 2: There are additional factors to consider, such as your leader getting wounded or the mission getting aborted.

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After you’re done with three sets of options, you’ll receive the final reward for that Los Bandidos mission. This works even if one of the steps failed as long as the mission isn’t aborted.

Overall, the Los Bandidos activity in Far Cry 6 is a great way to amass rare materials and even standard weapons. Oh, and if you already have that weapon in your collection (i.e., by purchasing from NPCs or discovering them in caches), you’ll receive gunpowder and Supremo-bond instead.

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Far Cry 6 is available via Ubisoft’s store and the Epic Games Store.

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