Far Cry 6: How to get the Sharkbite in Roca Pequeña Sat Station

Far Cry 6 Sharkbite Roca Pequena Sat Station

The nation of Yara is filled with countless armaments for warfare, including unique weapons. The Sharkbite is one such example. Here’s our Far Cry 6 guide to help you get Sharkbite unique rifle from a Yaran Contraband chest in Roca Pequeña Sat Station.

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Far Cry 6 Yaran Contraband guide: How to get the Sharkbite in Roca Pequeña Sat Station

The Roca Pequeña Sat Station in Far Cry 6 is found north of the Fernando Valley marker in Conuco, El Este. Similar to other military bases in the game, there’s an optional objective (here, it’s to rescue a hostage). Also, you’ll want to eliminate the officer so you can acquire the keycard. This opens the room with the Yaran Contraband chest containing the Sharkbite unique rifle.

Just in case you killed the officer without picking up the keycard, you should still be able to find a duplicate on a desk within the vicinity.

Far Cry 6 Sharkbite Roca Pequena Sat Station 1

Here are the mods of the Sharkbite unique rifle in Far Cry 6:

  • Soft-Target Rounds – Heavy damage versus unarmored targets; weak versus armored targets.
  • Specter Sight – 2x mid-range sight.
  • American Suppressor – Slightly reduces noise; slightly impairs range; very quick to overheat.
  • Extended Mag – Increases magazine size.
  • Keep It Cool – Improves suppressor cooling rate.

The Sharkbite unique rifle in Far Cry 6 is only good if you’re still at the early stages of the campaign. You’re not going up against too many mobs with helmets and body armor. But, once you’re battling elites, it’s next to useless. Sure, you can pick off foes easily since it’s a semi-automatic rifle and it’s also got a suppressor, but those bullets won’t penetrate sturdier defenses.

Far Cry 6 Sharkbite Roca Pequena Sat Station 2

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