Valentione's Day Minigame Guide
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Previously seen in 2020, the Valentione’s Day Ceremony Minigame is an instanced event exclusive to the Valentione’s Day event period in Final Fantasy XIV. Two players can party up (or one player randomly matched with another) to complete two different tasks and have their bond judged. Here’s our guide on how to complete the Valentione’s Day ceremony minigame — ranging from a maze to a card-matching game — in FFXIV.

While the minigame has no rewards and is only there for fun, it is deceptively difficult getting a good score at the end. Here’s how to optimize your score in the Valentione’s Day Ceremony Minigame.

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FFXIV: How to complete the Valentione’s Day ceremony minigame

Valentione’s Ceremony section one – Trials Of The Moon: Till Mog Do Us Part

Starting off the Valentione’s Day Ceremony minigame, players must complete a maze together. The map is split down the middle and the characters are separated between the left or right half of the maze map. They must make it to the end of the maze without straying too far from one another, as the minigame features a unique mechanic called the affinity gauge.

The affinity gauge starts filled all the way up to 100, represented in the instance by an orange beam connecting the two players’ hands together. If players stray too far from each other, the bond represented by the beam will break and the gauge will start to decrease.

Through the maze, there are various gates which block the path forward and faintly glowing circles on the ground. Each circle opens a gate on the other side when stood on, allowing the other player to advance their section.

There will also be Moogles patrolling the maze along the way who try to hit the players with AoEs. These AoEs stun the player and take away affinity points. If your partner gets stunned, immediately stop moving and wait for the stun to wear off. This minimizes the risk of breaking the bond and losing affinity points from moving too far away.

How To Do The Valentione Ceremony Minigame Start

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General tips for completing the maze

The maze works on a turn-based system. One player navigates through the maze while the other stays near the middle of the map at the edge of their half and keeps in step with their partner.

The most important thing to keep in mind doing the minigame is coordination. It is designed entirely around working closely together with your partner. Taking the maze slowly, analyzing the routes, and communicating where you plan to go and where your partner should stand may prevent the affinity gauge from diminishing.

Valentione’s Ceremony maze: Part one

At the start of the Valentione’s Ceremony maze, the left player goes first, navigating to the first circle while the right player sticks to the middle. Standing on the circle opens the gate for the right player.

The left player stays along the middle while the right goes through the gate. As the right player moves up the maze, ensure the left is following along. The right player finds another circle by the square flower pool and stands on it. Then the right player must stay at the edge of their section so the left can get to the staircase down to the next part without risking the bond breaking. Once the left descends the stairs, the right can move down their staircase.

Ceremony maze: Part two

Left player stays at the edge of their half of the map and follows the right. The right stands on a circle, then travels down the long hedge to reach the edge of their half. Here, allow the left player to travel through towards the large hedge circles with flowers in the middle and end up at the edge of their half, while right follows closely. After the left player enters the area of the flower circles, the right will follow them into it.

Ceremony maze: Part three

How To Do The Valentione's Ceremony Minigame Flower Circles

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Now that both players have reached the flower circles, the right goes up the middle of the map, followed by the left going over the first circle. Position the left player in the middle of their section. This allows the right player to reach the next ground circle without the bond breaking if they take the closest route.

Right should then go back to the middle of the circle arena between four circles and at the edge; this gives Left the best coverage to clear the rest of their part and arrive at their staircase. Then right can go to their staircase.

Ceremony maze: Part four

The right goes first this time. Have the left player go to their edge of the map. They must now stay put at the absolute edge, or else the bond risks breaking while the left player goes to activate the next circle. Right must get through their gate while left is as close as possible for the least risk of severing the bond.

Once the plate is done, left stands at edge of their side and watches right navigate to the next plate. Let right stay at their edge while Left navigates through their gate to the next one. Right goes to the final ground circle, while left waits for right to come back after activating it and go down the stairs. Then left can go down the stairs, and both stand on the circle in the middle.

Valentione’s Ceremony section two: Cards Beat As One

Valentione's Day Minigame Guide Cards Beat As One

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For this final portion of the Valentione’s Ceremony minigame, the players complete a card matching game. The Moogle will show both players a few cards at the beginning. Quickly write down where each one is in chat. Here you again coordinate with your partner in order to minimize the incorrect guesses. Players can pick either side of the arrangement. Communicate about which card each of you will select, and write down the locations of cards as you discover them.

Once all cards are matched, the FFXIV Valentione’s Ceremony 2023 minigame is officially complete. The pair is rated based on how much of the affinity gauge is left. At this point, you can leave the instance or stick around to take screenshots in group pose.

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