ffxiv Valentione Day Guide 2023
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The Valentione’s Day Event, Final Fantasy XIV‘s version of Valentine’s Day, returns to the game from February 1 until February 15. It features several rewards and the return of an instanced minigame for all players to enjoy. Here’s how to make the most of the FFXIV 2023 Valentione’s Day Event.

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FFXIV Valentione’s Day event 2023 starting quest location and guide

In order to undertake the quest, players must first be at least level 15 and have completed the Main Scenario quest, ‘It’s Probably Pirates.’

Like every year, the quest for Valentione’s Day starts on the stage of Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre in Old Gridania at coordinates (10.2, 9.4) on the map. It is accessed by the Aetheryte of the same name from the main plaza. Here players can talk to Lisette de Valentione to begin the quest ‘Suited for Affection.’

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After a cutscene, this quest is the first of the holiday events utilizing the NPC following the player mechanic introduced in the base patch of Endwalker. Emilie will follow the player to a set of three NPCs with some optional dialogue spots along the way. The quest NPCs will be at (12.1, 8.4),(14.0, 9.0), and (13.1, 6.6) in Old Gridania respectively.

Once you speak with every NPC, return to the amphitheatre for the final cutscene of the quest.

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Event rewards

You will receive a coffer of Vested or Ruffled Emissary’s attire depending on if your character is male or female. But that’s not all from Valentione’s Day 2023; head to the House Valentione Maid just outside of the amphitheatre.

From this vendor, you can purchase several items: Ballroom Etiquette: Valentione’s Daggers (2,500 gil), which grants you the ‘/eatchocolate’ emote; Left and Right Prismatic Heart Confettis (8 gil); the Valentione’s Heart Desk furnishing item (2000 gil); and the opposite model’s event outfit (1000 gil per piece of the outfit). Square Enix removes genderlocks over time, so it’s best to purchase it now and wait until later patches.

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There are optional bonus cutscenes if you talk to Emilie and the return of the Valentione Ceremony minigame, previously seen in 2020. Players can pair up with a friend or randomly to test the strength of their bond.

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