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Adaptations of popular video games are seemingly becoming more common in recent years. Examples like the Sonic Boom TV series and the new Mortal Kombat film released to decent success, and several more adaptations, including a Cuphead animated series, have been announced. It looks like Square Enix also wants another piece of the adaptation pie, as an animated TV show based on Final Fantasy IX will begin production soon. A PC port of this beloved classic released back in April of 2016.

According to KidScreen, this adaptation arose as part of a co-development and co-production deal between Square Enix and Cyber Group Studios, a Parisian producer of animated series. Cyber Group plans to produce the Final Fantasy IX series, which will target young children ages eight to 13, and the company will also handle worldwide distribution, merchandising, and licensing. Cyber Group CEO Pierre Sissmann stated the company will soon finish its project bible and pitch the series to broadcasters sometime within the next few months.


A history with adaptations

The Final Fantasy series received plenty of film and TV adaptations over the years. Final Fantasy Unlimited, a 25-episode anime series made by studio Gonzo, aired back in 2001 and 2002, and a short, five-episode series called Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV released online free of charge in early 2016. Notably, there was also The Spirits Within, and Final Fantasy VII received film adaptation in the form of Advent Children, the latter of which garnering major financial success and multiple awards. Final Fantasy IX never received a film or TV adaptation before Cyber Group’s animated series.

Cyber Group wanted to make a Final Fantasy IX TV adaptation mainly because of the franchise’s overwhelming popularity and an opportunity to build upon Final Fantasy’s world and characters. Sissmann hopes that the new animated series will attract both newcomers and fans of the Final Fantasy series alike. Considering how much people celebrate Final Fantasy IX, making an adaptation that lives up to the game’s legacy may be difficult, but hopefully, Cyber Group will achieve exactly that.

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