Final Fantasy VII Remake PC

Final Fantasy VII Remake coming to PC next week

Cloud's journey starts once again.

Final Fantasy VII Remake and its Intergrade DLC is coming to PC next week. Announced at The Game Awards on Thursday, it’ll come as an Epic Games Store exclusive on December 16, for $69.99.

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This news may not come as a complete surprise to anyone who’s been following the recent leaks and rumors. Particularly, the Nvidia GeForce NOW leak that made reference to several unreleased games and ports. Of course, the contents of that leak still remain mostly unconfirmed, and people should take it with a healthy dose of salt.


Time to buy Final Fantasy VII…again

Final Fantasy VII Remake was already an impressive looking game on PS4 and PS5. Now, with the power in modern PCs, it’s probably going to look and perform even better. That is, if you have a PC that’s powerful enough to run it on its highest settings. It recommends an Intel Core i7-3770 or AMD Ryzen 3 3100, 12 GB of RAM, and a GeForce GTX 1080 or Radeon RX 5700.

These specs are recommended if you plan on running the game at 1440p. But for 1080p users you should expect to get by with a slightly less powerful machine. The game looked gorgeous on PS5 when running at 60 FPS, so most players are going to want to reach that. However, we’ll have to wait until December 16 to see how well the game runs on PCs of varying specs.

Final Fantasy VII Remake PC

The PC port of Final Fantasy VII Remake is also coming with the Intergrade DLC. Previously a PS5 exclusive, the DLC comes with a new side story starring Yuffie Kisaragi, a mischievous ninja from the original game. There are also new boss fights that players can experience in the VR simulator accessed late in the game. These fights are seriously hard, though, so be warned and go into them prepared.

Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s PC port has been long awaited by fans. I’m sure there’s also going to be a lot of people double dipping, or even triple dipping with this release. The idea of higher frame rates, resolutions, and the possibility of modding make it a very enticing purchase that’s for sure. But, we’ll need to wait until December 16 to see how well the port measures up to the PS5 version of the game, and whether or not it’ll really be worth it.

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