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The Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival 2021 has opened with a bang — specifically, with the full trailer for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

The new trailer seems to confirm a bunch of the guesses I and others had, as well as hinting and a few other bits and pieces. If you saw the previous trailer, then this is effectively an extended version of that.


Endwalker‘s full trailer

The full Endwalker trailer can be seen below, but the big takeaways — amongst others — are that the second new city appears to be Old Sharlayan, and the new class appears to be a scythe-wielder. And yes, it looks like Zenos will be taking up that particular scythe for his rematch with us. Not Geomancer, then, but still something I’m looking forward to hearing more about. I’m fairly sure that the chap Y’shtola is haranguing in Old Sharlayan is Fourchenault, too, who you may know as the father of both Alisaie and Alphinaud.

Also, Naoki Yoshida is currently on stage dressed up as the new class and carrying a gigantic scythe. So, welp.

I daresay we’ll hear more about it in short order, with Naoki Yoshida’s keynote going on now, and a Live Letter happening tomorrow. For now, you can check out the trailer below.

Update: Yep, we’ve got a lot more information now that the keynote has ended. The new hub city will indeed by Old Sharlayan, and the second job added in Endwalker (to go along with the healing Sage) is the Reaper, a melee DPS class with a scythe, who gains power from the Void. Exdeath would be proud. This job  is completely exclusive to Final Fantasy XIV, too: this isn’t a returning job from Final Fantasy IIIVXI, or any of the others with a class system.

We’ve got a whole host of news stories detailing these facets and more, including information on the new regions, the new male Viera race, the Oceania servers, and plenty of extra information. Give that trailer a watch and then click through to the other links, or check out our front page, to read up on what else is coming in this expansion.


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