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Purple Magic is a type of skill branch in Forspoken. It becomes available fairly early on in the campaign, essentially acting as a tutorial when it comes to combat and casting. This element allows you to use the power of your surroundings, from plants sprouting to debilitate your foes to earth-shattering devastation. Here’s our Forspoken best Earth spells guide to help you with the ideal Purple Magic to use and upgrade during the campaign.

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Forspoken best Earth spells guide – Ideal Purple Magic to use and upgrade

Before we discuss the best Earth spells in Forspoken, let’s talk about the classifications of Purple Magic that you can acquire. These are subdivided into attack (LMB or hold LMB), support (RMB), surge (LMB + RMB), traversal (depends on the action), and utility (crafting menu). There are also a few special abilities that have their own activation. Lastly, please note that we won’t list down every magic ability, as we’ll simply focus on the ones that truly aided us during our playthrough.

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Attack Spells

  • Shot
    • Fires a lump of rock.
    • This is the default spell, so you’re bound to use it often anyway.
  • Burst Shot
    • Charge your shot to fire a rock that explodes for AoE damage.
    • Available by default, you’ll be casting this often. It’s great when fighting groups of enemy mobs.
  • Scatter Shot
    • Fire a steady stream of rocks while charging LMB; unleashes a high-impact projectile when you release LMB.
    • This is akin to automatic machine gun fire, which is amazing when you’re dealing with a single target or multiple targets that are funneled in.

Support Spells

  • Bind
    • Ties up enemies in a tangle of weed.
    • This has great AoE coverage, allowing you to immobilize most regular mobs. It’s probably one of the best Earth spells in Forspoken due to its crowd control effects. Likewise, it’s amazing when you’re trying to complete Spellcraft Challenges that require enemies to get hit from behind.
  • Tendril
    • Send out an ivy whip in an arc; damages enemies and heals you.
    • This is a good emergency skill when you need a bit of healing and you’re out of potions.
  • Disperse
    • Spawns a flower that shoots enemies.
    • This is an auto-turret ability, which means it’ll happily deal damage to foes while you move and attack.
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Surge Spell

  • Genesis
    • Summons barbed branches in a wide area; max upgrade also poisons enemies.
    • This is automatically one of the best Earth spells in Forspoken since it’s the only surge ability for the element.

Traversal Spells

  • Flow and Leap
    • Flow is available at the start, as it’s basically your parkour/avoidance actions. Leap, meanwhile, is from the first fount that you discover, which is required for campaign progression. It lets you wall-kick to climb ledges.
    • Both are integral to exploration, and that’s that.
  • Shimmy
    • Accelerate movement when you kick off the ground.
    • Unlocked via a Fount of Blessing, this aids you when you’re hopping off platforms.
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Utility Spells

  • Modify and Rarify
    • Allows you to convert Breakshards into other types or combine them to increase their level, respectively.
    • While you don’t need to prioritize these, they’re still nifty to have if you want to do some crafting.
  • Vivify
    • Use your crafting skills to increase the amount by which a necklace improves your health.
    • Again, not a priority, but still okay to have if you’ve got the extra Mana.

Special Spells

  • Cut and Run
    • Dodge backward and spawn explosive rocks, switching to Frey’s Purple Magic in an instant.
    • This is activated by pressing Q + E + 1 (can be done with whatever element is active). It’s a good way to switch to Earth magic if you remember to pop it. Otherwise, just press the number keys as usual.
  •  Skip
    • Temporarily become incorporeal and move around, automatically negating damage.
    • This is unlocked after beating the final boss, essentially allowing you to do post-campaign activities. Just press “G” to float and fly around for a short time, which is amazing for traversal and getting across gaps. The damage negation is just icing on the cake.
    • Do remember to complete its Spellcraft Challenge (i.e., use in battle a few times) to remove the stamina drain. Once it no longer uses up your stamina, it becomes one of the best Earth spells or Purple Magic in Forspoken.
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Forspoken is available via Steam.

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