Forspoken: How to beat Deinosuchus — Abomination boss guide

Forspoken Deinosuchus Abomination Boss Guide Spectrum Nail Pattern
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Deinosuchus is an Abomination boss in Forspoken. Found in The Moulderings zone, this cross between a sea dragon and giant squid will have you surfing all over the place during the fight. Here’s our Forspoken Deinosuchus boss guide to help you defeat this Abomination opponent for the Spectrum Nail Pattern.

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Forspoken Deinosuchus Abomination boss guide (Spectrum Nail Pattern)

As mentioned above, the Deinosuchus Abomination boss in Forspoken is in The Moulderings. The zone is accessible after you beat Tanta Prav, whereupon you’ll obtain Water spells. These include Glide, which basically acts as a surfboard so you can skim over the lake in Samum Coast. Keep going east, and you’ll reach The Moulderings. From there, you’ll trek up the mountain path until you arrive at the peak where the creature awaits.

The Deinosuchus Abomination boss in Forspoken has several powerful abilities, though the biggest hassle is that you’ll fight it in the middle of a lake. There are only a handful of platforms that allow you to stand on solid ground. Most of the time, though, you’ll Glide to reposition or use the edge of the arena to continue casting.

It’s also advisable to use the best Earth spells in your arsenal, as the boss is weak to this element. We suggest Disperse, which acts much like a turret, as well as Burst Shot and Scatter Shot. The former does high damage, though its range is pitiful. The latter is akin to a machine gun and it’s got better range, though each projectile is relatively weak.

Your foe has the following abilities:

  • Eyebeam – It will shoot a laser that travels in a straight line.
  • Riptide Wheel – Multiple spinning projectiles made of water will float straight to your character.
  • Waterspout – If you see blue patches on the ground or lake, a waterspout will erupt soon thereafter.
  • Inkjet – The boss will temporarily disappear in a puff of smoke, only to pop up after a short while. This is often cast in conjunction with Waterspout.
  • Bubble Beam – This is the boss’ ultimate attack. It will do an AoE roar before spawning multiple orbs hanging in mid-air. After roughly 20 seconds, all the orbs will fire lasers that target your last known location.

Ideally, you’ll want to keep mobile to avoid projectiles and beams, using Glide to reposition when needed. Likewise, drop your Disperse flower turret when possible, and switch attack spells depending on how far you are from your opponent.

Forspoken Deinosuchus Abomination Boss Guide Spectrum Nail Pattern 2

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Eventually, you’ll beat the Deinosuchus Abomination boss in Forspoken, which nets you the Spectrum Nail Pattern. This increases your critical hit chance depending on the number of spells you’ve unlocked in a skill tree. Lastly, don’t forget to take out the other Abomination bosses in the game, such as Apsaravis, to earn the “Abominizer” achievement.

Forspoken is available via Steam.

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