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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 was meant to be much shorter than the first season. Starting late February, it was going to be usurped by Season 3 on April 30. That’s no longer going to be the case, as Season 2 will get a two-month extension, pushing Season 3 to June 4.

We were likely to get some fresh, hot news on Season 3 before its launch in two weeks. However, with the Season 2 extension and the next one moved, Epic Games is going to stay tight lipped on everything the next season will bring to the popular battle royale. The official blog post does, however, offer some little tidbits about what’s coming between now and then. Likely it will be another Deadpool skin, but now only sporting boxers with pink hearts. Because that’s unique and hilarious.

Regardless, before Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Epic will offer some more content. The company promises “fresh gameplay, new Challenges, bonus XP,” as well as “a couple more surprises.” Deadpool in his underwear, got it.

Fortnite Deadpool Season 3 Chapter 2

It’s going to be so funny, you guys.

Enough with the Choppa

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 did offer plenty of new ideas to the formula. The season offered a helicopter to fart around in, as well as a new mode. Spy Games allows you to grab some new perks, and play different challenges. Those who completed the mode were able to snag 80,000 experience points. There were also new areas to check out, such as Pleasant Park and the Oil Rig.

As mentioned, we won’t know everything Season 3 will bring to the table. It can be assumed we’ll see plenty of map changes and skins — the latter of which will be thematic. The season will introduce The Agency as said theme, complete with two oddly-dressed factions that you can choose to join. There are, of course, plenty of leaks and rumors floating around on the internet, but we’ll have to wait until we’re closer to Season 3’s June launch to find out which are true.

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