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The next instalment of Fortnite‘s third chapter has arrived. In Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2, the Resistance and IO are battling it out to get their hands on the island’s points of interest. As always, there is a new Battle Pass and more ways to spend your gold bars. However, this season has brought new content in the form of new mechanics, map changes, and so much more into Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2.

When you first open your Fortnite map, you will see that IO blimps are floating above various points of interest. They are attached to the ground by zip lines which you can use to travel up to the blimp and get your hands on the loot on board. Apart from blimps, the IO’s have brought titan tanks with them, which will allow you to take over the island.


Run and jump into Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2

Perhaps the biggest change introduced this season is new mechanics for you to master. Sprinting has been added to Fortnite to allow you to run even faster. You can’t dash across the whole island, though, as a new sprint meter tells you just how much you can run before tiring. While you are sprinting, you can now run straight into doors to get them open. Also, you can now slide into doors in order to breach a building. To further increase the pace of the game, mantling has arrived. You can make use of your newfound parkour skills to climb over walls, climb up buildings, and much more.

The new season has seen the return of donation boards, which are making their first Chapter 3 appearance. You can use your gold bars to decide whether pro-resistance sites get a light or heavy turret. That is not all, as you can now fund armored battle buses which will appear at resistance-occupied points of interest.

Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 is certainly packed to the brim with new content from day one. It will be interesting to see how the conflict between the Resistance and IO will play out.

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