Fortnite Bargain Bin week

Fortnite Bargain Bin Week introduces new challenges and discounted prices

Splash those gold bars.

Epic Games has kept Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1 fresh by introducing a different theme every week. The team just recently put chickens under the spotlight with Avian Ambush Week. For the final week of this season, you will get an opportunity to spend all your gold bars. Bargain Bin Week has arrived in Fortnite and it is a perfect way to end the season. If you have played past seasons, you may have encountered a similar event.

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Bargain Bin Week has slashed the prices of various items to give you huge discounts on some popular items. This includes getting your hands on exotic weapons which have a price reduction of 50%. The Boom sniper rifle is now 300 gold bars and the Chili Chug Splash is now 35 gold bars, for example. In addition, this applies to various other services such as revealing a future storm circle, activating a rift to go and more. While you are playing, it is likely that you will encounter more exotic weapons. Make sure you have strong enough loot to be able to put up a good fight against them.


Earn XP while you spend during Bargain Bin Week

While you are splashing your gold bars during Bargain Bin week, you can earn XP towards your battle pass with a unique set of quests. This includes purchasing an item from a character, upgrading weapons at a weapon bench, and more. You will earn 8,000 XP per challenge, so if you have not yet completed your battle pass, now is your chance to do so.

It is definitely worth getting involved in Fortnite’s Bargain Bin Week, as your gold bars will be reset when the new season begins in just a few days’ time. Once Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 kicks off, it is likely that the gold bar currency will return and you will be able to begin racking them up again.

Fortnite Bargain Bin week

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