Wolverine Challenge

With the arrival of the Fortnite week 5 challenges comes another Wolverine challenge. Ticking off the next challenge will mean you are one step closer to unlocking the highly anticipated skin. Last week, players were using Sentinel hands as a trampoline to complete the fourth challenge. Now, players have to locate a Trask transport truck to complete the fifth Wolverine challenge. Thankfully, the truck is not difficult to find on the map, so you can easily earn the rewards that follow.

To begin, you need to queue into a match. Then you should drop over to the northeast of Coral Castle. The Trask transport truck can be found in the C1 square. It is sitting on top of one of those bowl-shape chunks of earth that can be found around the map. All you have to do is approach the truck and the challenge will be marked as complete. In addition, you can earn some extra XP from visiting the required location. Inside of the truck, there is an XP coin that you can collect. By doing so, you will get an extra 15,000 XP towards your Battle Pass.

Fortnite Week Five Wolverine Challenges

Pictured is the Trask truck point of interest in the C1 square of the map.

It is worth the rewards

For your efforts, you will unlock a variant for the MCG glider. The variant shows an image of Wolverine on the glider’s screen. Gaining the extra XP will level up your battle pass much faster. Also, you can rack up your XP even more by completing Fortnite secret challenges and completing awakening challenges for superheroes such as Thor. Ultimately, this will contribute to your progression when unlocking the various superhero and villain skin variants.

As this is the fifth Wolverine challenge in Fortnite, we are getting closer to the end of  the journey to unlocking the skin. It will be interesting to see what other challenges players will be faced with in the coming weeks.

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