Fortnite Season 4, week 4 has arrived. That can only mean that the fourth installment of the Fortnite Wolverine challenges has arrived. Already, players have found mysterious claw marks and found the Wolverine loading screen at the Quinjet crash site. Last week, you were required to find the Sentinel trophy. The week 4 challenge also involves Sentinels.

To complete the challenge, you have to launch off all of the Sentinel hands without touching the ground. You are required to head towards the Sentinel graveyard, which is located to the south of The Authority and to the west of Lazy Lake. It is likely that this location will be populated with other players attempting to complete the challenge. Also, at the graveyard, you will discover the huge, destroyed robots.

Fortnite Wolverine Challenges

Week 4 Fortnite Wolverine Challenge – Sentinel trampoline

Once you arrive, you can jump onto a Sentinel hand which will launch you into the air. Automatically, you will be launched in the direction of the next hand. Unlike the majority of Fortnite challenges, this one can prove to be quite difficult. You may need to adjust yourself mid-air to ensure you do not touch the ground. It is important to note that you can pull out your glider if needed, as it will not impact your progress.

The challenge will be marked as complete once you have bounced off each hand successfully. Upon completion, you will unlock a weapon wrap that can be equipped in your locker. As always, you will gain valuable XP towards for completing the Fortnite Wolverine challenges. Each week you will be one step closer to unlocking the highly anticipated skin with the final Wolverine challenge. In addition, you can earn more XP by completing the awakening challenges for superheroes such as Thor, and villains such as Doctor Doom.

Good luck with the Sentinel trampoline!

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