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Fortnite Season 7 has already treated players to an invasion and a solid reorganizing of in-game features. There’s of course the usual new battle pass, map changes, and new weapons as well. Notably, those new weapons that fit in with the alien invasion theme have expanded Fortnite’s weapon pool. As a result, there are more weapons to sort out in your inventory in the middle of your matches. Since the beginning of Fortnite, players have been tirelessly organizing their inventory manually. According to a new leak, Epic Games may be working on a solution to this long-running problem in Fortnite with a preferred slot item type feature.

For a while, Fortnite fans have been wishing for a way to sort weapons. According to the prominent Fortnite leaker HYPEX, changes could be implemented sooner rather than later. HYPEX states that a preferred slot item type feature has been in the works since the 17.00 update.


The implementation of such a change would mean that when you pick up a weapon, the game would automatically sort it into your desired slot. The example HYPEX gives is that if you pick up a shotgun, it will automatically be assigned to the third slot, or whichever slot you prefer.

A Fortnite preferred slot type option would save a lot of hassle

The Fortnite community has been requesting a feature like this for some time. After all, it would save time and frustration. It can be difficult and time consuming to sort loot every match. Also, looting fallen players must be done quickly and efficiently at times. This is especially true if the loot has dropped mid fight or near the edge of the Storm.

As this information has not been confirmed by Epic Games, it should be taken with a pinch of salt for now. Perhaps we will learn more as Season 7 continues to progress. However, there is no doubt that a preferred slot type option would be welcomed by Fortnite fans.

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