Fortnite Galactus

[Update – December 1 @ 5:12 PM ET]: Galactus has arrived at Fortnite Island and promptly had the snot beaten out of him. While he was able to destroy the ruins, players won’t be able to explore the new island for at least another seven hours. The game is totally down at the time of writing and will go back online once season 5 officially starts at 12 AM ET. 

Chapter 2 – Season 4 of Fortnite is coming to a close and bringing something big with it, or rather, someone. The event is a clear continuation of Epic’s partnership with Marvel. The partnership has already brought the likes of the Avengers, Thanos, and even Venom to the game. Things show no sign of stopping either. Fortnite‘s next event will feature Galactus, the planet-eating villain. Galactus has been heading towards the Fortnite arena since the beginning of this season, but what it will be like when the gargantuan terror actually arrives is anybody’s guess.

The Fortnite Galactus event officially starts at 4 PM ET (or, right now) and requires players to queue into a game. Past events, like the Travis Scott concert, have left Epic Games’ servers for the game packed to the brim, blocking some players from experiencing the event until YouTube videos inevitably go live. Likewise, if you find that you can’t get into a game in time to catch the event live, there will likely be hundreds of streamers live on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook that will be broadcasting the event.


What will the island be like after Galactus?

A staple of every Fortnite event so far has been some kind of change to the game’s map, and this update doesn’t seem to be any different. Dataminers, a large source of leaks for many of the game’s updates, have found that a number of changes could be coming with season 5. Among them are major changes to the Fortnite island, the return of black holes and even the potential return of giant robots from the game’s first season.

As for actually fighting Galactus, it isn’t entirely clear how Fortnite players will be able to face off against the titan. However, a tweet from the game’s official account could hint towards one possibility – driving the battle bus to meet the giant.

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