Fortnite Patch Machine Pistol

The Fortnite v19.20 patch has arrived to Chapter 3: Season 1. Although it is a short one, it is certainly sweet. The previous patch launched Haven’s masks. Now, a weapon has officially been released which has been in the game files for many months and added to the game accidentally numerous times. The Machine Pistol has arrived, and you will definitely want to make room for it in your Fortnite inventory.

The Machine Pistol is a versatile weapon. It thrives in close-quarter combat and in long-range engagements if you fire shorter bursts. In addition, the pistol has an extended magazine, so you have more than enough bullets to shred through the opposition.


Let’s talk Machine Pistol stats

The gun can be found in all five rarities. The common Fortnite Machine Pistol deals 15 damage and has a fire rate of 13.5. Its magazine size is 35, and it has a reload time of 2.48 seconds. If you can get your hands on the legendary version of the weapon, you will be able to deal 19 damage. Although the fire rate and magazine size is the same, the reload time is slightly quicker at 2.03 seconds.

The weapon is definitely able to compete with submachine guns. You can find the gun as ground loot, in chests, supply drops, and from fishing. At the time of writing, the Machine Pistol is not in the Fortnite competitive playlists, but there will be an evaluation period.

Finally, you may have experienced issues when trying to play Fortnite in the past week due to outages. To thank fans for their patience, Epic Games are showing love by granting players with the Heart’s Desire weapon wrap. If you logged on between January 27 and February 3, you should find it when you next log in. However, Epic Games note that the item could be added to the in-game store in the future if you missed out.

Fortnite patch Machine Pistol

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