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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 guide

The world of Fortnite continues to change with each passing season. By now, fans are familiar with the ongoing narrative structure of the game. Each season introduces some new conflict or theme. The gameplay typically reflects that theme through a series of world changes, new consumable items, challenges, correlating cosmetic items, and smaller clues that point to the next season. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 does all of those things and sometimes some guides are exactly what you need to make sense of the latest changes and content.

Bounties, golden bars, NPC locations, Quests, and exotic weapons are all a bit more complex than they let on at first. There are plenty of unexplained rules when it comes to all of these new additions, and superior methods for getting the most out of each match in Fortnite. The seasonal golden bar currency will only grow more important as the season progresses, so it’s best to arm yourself with knowledge so you aren’t getting outgunned and outspent. Additionally, the currency only comes from playing the game, and the rewards only come from interacting with NPCs for Quests, Bounties, and requisitions. Epic clearly built these mechanics to work together and create a synergy for Chapter 2 Season 5 of Fortnite.

Aside from all of the new gameplay changes, you’ll also have the traditional weekly challenges from the battle pass to keep up with. These all yield XP-based rewards, so you will want to do them if you want to unlock the top-tier skins among the other rewards. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered for all of these things with our detailed Chapter 2 Season 5 Fortnite guides. Even if you’ve already been playing, a look through these guides might surprise you. There are plenty of secrets we’ve already discovered.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 — Guides and features hub

Chapter 2 Season 5 wrap up — The Galactus event, next battle pass, & game changes– If you’re totally out the loop with what happened between last season and this one, this article will get you caught up and give you a basic introduction to what’s new to the game.

How to find and complete bounties in Season 5 – The trailers really lean into this new mechanic. Become a hunter and get rich or die trying. You will want to start doing these as early on in the season as possible.

All Season 5 NPC locations and the unique Quests they each offer – For the first time ever, you can interact with NPCs during matches to augment gameplay. There’s a bunch of them scattered around the map and they all have their quirks and perks.

Every way to earn gold bars in Season 5 and how to spend them – Once you have a grasp on the different activities you can do in the latest season, it’s best to learn about the reward currency behind it. You will want to earn as many bars as possible and there are all kinds of obvious and secret ways to get them.

Where to find the powerful exotic weapons in Fortnite Season 5 – This quick guide previews the new exotic weapons added to the game as well as what you need to do to acquire them in matches.

How to get the Big Chill Grenade Launcher exotic weapon – Epic added a new exotic grenade launcher that can freeze the feet of your enemies, but you have to buy it from a new NPC.

How to get the Dragon’s Breath Sniper Rifle exotic weapon – Another exotic weapon has made its way into the game since the beginning of Season 5. This one lets you ignite enemies from a distance.

How to get the Hop Rock Dualies exotic pistols – The “Hop Rock Dualies” is the latest exotic weapon to be added into Fortnite. These dual pistols are able to deal some high damage.

Where to find the exotic Burst Quad Launcher – The Burst Quad Launcher is the latest exotic weapon to be added into Fortnite. The weapon can shoot two rockets in one shot, so you can do some real splash damage with it.

Where to find the Chug Cannon exotic weapon – The Chug Cannon is useful as a utility item because it quickly restores the health with its AoE effect.

Fortnite Guide Loot Lake Safe Locations Cover

Safe locations

One secret we’ve discovered this season is that safes containing gold bars randomly spawn around the map. The payouts are big if you can manage to find one. For these guides, we’ve included maps and screenshots of all the safe spawns at the named locations across the island in Fortnite.

All eight of the Lazy Lake safe locations

All four of the Hunter’s Haven safe locations

All four of the safe locations at Coral Castle & Stealthy Stronghold

All six of the Holly Hedges safe locations

All five of the Steamy Stacks safe locations

All eight of the Pleasant Park safe locations

All seven of the Slurpy Swamp safe locations

All 10 of the Sweaty Sands safe locations

All four of the Salty Towers safe locations

All five of the Dirty Docks safe locations

All six of the safe locations in the desert and nearby areas

All eight of the Craggy Cliffs safe locations

All six of the Retail Row safe locations

All 12 of the Misty Meadows safe locations

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Battle Pass

Quest and weekly challenge walkthroughs

Chapter 2 Season 5 of Fortnite removes the weekly challenges in favor of calling them Quests, but they function exactly the same as before, so don’t let the titles of these guides or Epic’s rebranding confuse you.

Where to find the car parts to complete the Season 5 Week 2 challenge – Sparkplug will ask you to find car parts around the map for Dummy. This quick little guide will show you where to find them all.

How to do the Season 5 Week 2 Doggo weekly challenge – Doggo and some other NPCs will ask you to complete various tasks around the map, but the Quest prompts do little to explain your exact objectives. This guide will detail each step.

How to signal the Coral Buddies in the leaked challenge – The Coral Buddies are returning for a new XP challenge. This challenge takes place at Coral Castle and requires you to signal them.

Where to find the mysterious Predator ship – The Predator ship has landed in Fortnite. To complete the challenge, you have to find it on the map. Fortunately, that is a relatively easy task to complete.

Where to find the Predator boss – Predator has finally arrived in Fortnite. He utilizes a unique exotic power-up to stealthily roam around the map. Killing him will allow you to obtain it and earn his appearance if you own the battle pass.

Where to find Predator’s apartment – Yes he has an apartment. Visiting it will earn you an emote that’s relevant to the franchise.

Where to find the crashed plane’s black box – As a part of the Week 9 challenges, you have to find a plane’s black box. For your efforts, you will earn 20,000 XP.

Where to find Grimble’s love potions – A Week 11 challenge requires you to find Grimble’s love potions. There are three potions, but you only need one for the 20,000 XP.

Where to find a family portrait – This Week 12 challenge tasks you with recovering a family photo. Here’s where to find one for 20,000 XP.

How to scan a server at a surface hub – This Week 13 challenge sends you to a secret area deep underground. Don’t let the “surface hub” part fool you. You’ll earn 20,000 XP for completing the quick task.

How to bathe in a purple pool – There’s a very specific pool you need to dive into in order to receive the 20,000 XP reward for this Week 13 challenge. It’s easier than you think.

Where to find restaurant kitchens – As part of the Week 14 challenges, you need to visit multiple restaurant kitchens. Doing so earns you 40,000 XP.

Where to find cookbooks – Another Week 14 challenge tasks players with finding cookbooks throughout two different locations. Completing this challenge also nets 40,000 XP.

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