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Epic Games does not shy away from putting on live events and limited time modes in Fortnite. Most recently, last season saw the Rift Tour take place, featuring singer Ariana Grande. Along the way, players were able to earn rewards. According to a new leak, another Fortnite event is not too far off and it may be familiar to some players. It appears Fortnitemares could be making a return to Fortnite this year to celebrate Halloween, if the leak is to be believed.

Fortnitemares has featured in the battle royale previously. Last year, the game mode centered around Midas’ revenge. Here, Shadow Midas took over The Authority with the aim of turning players into shadows. Therefore, as part of the event, dead players would turn into a shadow and return back to the island to cause chaos. Along with the event came some spooky challenges to complete, and players could hop into an in-game J Balvin concert.


Fortnitemares leak suggests it will return to celebrate this Halloween

If you were a fan of the last Fortnitemares event, there could be some good news coming your way. The prominent Fortnite leaker, HYPEX, informed fans that the event appears to be returning. Apart from cosmetics, the developer is said to be working on a gameplay elements for Fortnitemares. A screenshot was shared that supports this claim, showing a file named “FortnitemaresGameplay.”

Without confirmation from developer Epic Games, it is unknown if Fortnitemares is definitely returning, but the leak seems to point in that direction. It will be interesting to see what Epic Games has planned to celebrate Halloween anyway. With Halloween being just over a month away, we don’t have to wait too long to find out. HYPEX states that they will share more information on the leak as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more on the Fortnitemares leak, and whatever else is in store for Fortnite this Halloween.

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