Genshin Impact: Data Sampling guide – Shadow of the Ancients Day 2

Genshin Impact Data Sampling Pursina's Spikes Shadow Of The Ancients Day 2

During the initial phase of the Shadow of the Ancients event in Genshin Impact, we used a gadget that led to the discovery of altars. Now, it’s time for us to actually activate those altars. Here’s our Genshin Impact Shadow of the Ancients Day 2 guide to help you with the Data Sampling activity and charging Pursina’s Spikes.

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Genshin Impact: Shadow of the Ancients event guide (Day 2) – Data Sampling and Pursina’s Spikes

The Data Sampling phase in Genshin Impact will be unlocked as long as you’ve done the Investigative Surveys in the four main locations: Stormterror’s Lair, Yaoguang Shoal, Qingxu Pool, and Tatarasuna. You should then receive a quest called Autonomous Mechanical Energy Source: Preface. It entails visiting Ritou to talk with Hosseini.

Next, check the event panel and revisit the four aforementioned areas. When you reach the location, you’ll notice a challenge marker and three altars. These are called Pursina’s Spikes.

Genshin Impact Data Sampling Pursina's Spikes Shadow Of The Ancients Day 2 1

Our objective here is to fully charge all three Pursina’s Spikes within the three-minute time limit. But, there’s a catch:

  • The Pursina’s Spikes require an Electro-based hit to be powered up. Their energy will be periodically drained, which means you need to hit them from time to time. The higher their energy, the faster they’ll reach 100%. It’s possible for an altar’s Electro charge to dissipate, which means you need to start the process again.
  • After a short while, enemies will spawn and they’ll beeline for a specific Pursina’s Spike. Watch out because the objects don’t have a lot of health.
  • You’ll fail the challenge if a single Pursina’s Spike is destroyed or if you can’t charge all three within the time limit.
  • Our advice is to use characters like Beidou, Lisa, or Fischl. In fact, Fischl tends to excel here since she can plop down Oz next to one altar. The raven will continuously shoot it, all while Fischl uses charged shots on the other two devices. If mobs appear, use AoE abilities, then switch back and shoot with Fischl when necessary to keep each altar boosted.

Genshin Impact Data Sampling Pursina's Spikes Shadow Of The Ancients Day 2 2

Completing the Data Sampling activity in Genshin Impact nets you rewards like primogems and talent booklets. You’ll also unlock two additional Special Sampling Points in Dragonspine and Guyun Stone Forest.

When you’re done with all of these tasks, all you need to do is wait. After a couple of daily resets, the Live Testing stage of this event should be available.

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