Genshin Impact: Where to find Medaka fish locations

Genshin Impact Medaka Fish Locations Guide Where To Find Medaka

Medaka are a new type of fish that you can obtain in Genshin Impact. They’re the easiest ones to catch, only requiring Fruit Paste Bait (10x of this item requires 1x Sunsettia and 1x Wheat). However, you do need a lot of them if you want to acquire all formulae, rods, and other rewards like The Catch polearm. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you find Medaka fish in the game world.

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Genshin Impact fishing guide — Where to find Medaka locations

The regular Medaka variant can be found all over Teyvat since it’s the most common type of fish in Genshin Impact. There are Fishing Points in the Liyue region that have them (i.e., Mt. Aocang and Bishui Plain). Likewise, there are areas in Inazuma where you’ll encounter them (i.e., Nazuchi Beach in Kannazuka, as well as Suigetsu Pool and Sangonomiya Shrine on Watatsumi Island).

However, a vast majority can be caught as you explore the Mondstadt region. Almost all the Fishing Spots in Mondstadt have at least a couple of Medaka fish swimming around. These include Cider Lake north of Springvale and Stormbearer Mountains (the locations that you visited during the fishing quest), along with Stormterror’s Lair (both the northern and southern ponds). There’s even a pond that’s close to the Starglow Cavern teleporter in Dragonspine that has some of them.

Anyway, the reason why we want to collect a lot of Medaka fish in Genshin Impact is because of all the recipes and rewards that require them. Each bait formula needs 3x Medaka, and the fishing rods themselves require 20x of these. You’ll also need 10x Medaka if you want to purchase the Pool of Sapphire Grace to decorate your Serenitea Pot with its own fish pond.

Note: Don’t forget that most fish in Genshin Impact, including Medaka, will take roughly three days to respawn. Lastly, you might want to collect Rusty Koi and Golden Koi as well.

Genshin Impact Medaka Fish Locations Guide Where To Find Medaka 1

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