Genshin Impact Minacious Isle Secret Pyro Totem Puzzle Guide

More landmasses have popped up in the Golden Apple Archipelago as we enter the second act of Genshin Impact‘s Midsummer Island Adventure event. Whether you’re looking for Echoing Conches for Barbara’s swimsuit or completing new challenges, you might stumble upon a few puzzles and secrets. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you with the secret Pyro totems near Minacious Isle.

Note: For more information about the game, check out our Genshin Impact guides and features hub. You may also take a look at our main guide for the Midsummer Island Adventure/Golden Apple Archipelago.


Genshin Impact: Minacious Isle secret Pyro totem guide

There’s a small islet just west of Minacious Isle (as seen in the image below). Once you reach it, you’ll spot three totems that can be activated using Pyro skills.

That’s all well and good, but you’ll realize that we’re missing a fourth. So, where could it be?

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Well, as it turns out, all you need to do is sail your Waverider straight into the nearby whirlpool (the one surrounded by bubbles). Yes, it does sound counterintuitive, but it actually teleports you to a new location.

You’ll find yourself in a secret cavern just below the islet. There are a few slime mobs here, as well as some stone tablets. Eventually, you’ll encounter a plate on the ground.

Genshin Impact Minacious Isle Secret Pyro Totem Puzzle Guide 1

Step on it and the gate will be opened. Examine the next stone tablet and you’re told to set the in-game clock to 1 a.m. Do just that, then break open the nearby rocks to reveal another plate.

If you step on it, the room will be filled with water. This will allow you to reach a treasure chest and the fourth Pyro totem. You can use the vines to get back up top and claim another treasure chest that just got unlocked.

Anyway, this isn’t the only secret in Genshin Impact‘s Golden Island Archipelago. You’ll find additional secrets in the following locations:

Genshin Impact Minacious Isle Secret Pyro Totem Puzzle Guide 2

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub. We also have a main guide for the Midsummer Island Adventure/Golden Archipelago.

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