Giants Uprising Early Access battle

During gamescom 2019, developer VARSAV Game Studios unveiled one of its upcoming projects in the form of Giants Uprising, an action game that sees players controlling a destructive giant. This year’s gamescom event saw VARSAV Game Studios return with more information on the game, including a new trailer that shows extensive footage of the title’s cutscenes. Along with this information, VARSAV Game Studios revealed that Giants Uprising will make its way to Early Access on November 2, which should excite players who are anticipating its release.

To coincide with the Early Access launch, the developer will provide a Limited Early Access Edition of the game to those interested. Exclusively available during Giants Uprising’s Early Access period, the Limited Early Access Edition includes an assortment of real-world items, such as a t-shirt, leather bracelet, and squeezable stress sheep. Of course, not everyone who wants to play Giants Uprising will care about the merchandise, so the digital Steam release will suffice if the game is all you’re after.


Rise against the oppressors

According to the developer, the story of Giants Uprising involves “a giant seeking revenge against the traitorous humans who enslaved him.” This giant receives aid and guidance from a human convict, and he escapes from his prison to “carry [his] wrath and lust for revenge to the oppressor’s settlements.” As he fights for his freedom, he will discover exactly “what happened to [his] enslaved kin,” who will likely join forces with the main protagonist to carry out the titular “Giant’s Uprising.”

With the Early Access release of Giants Uprising coming soon, fans of the project will be eagerly anticipating what the developer has crafted so far. Of course, an early access release also means players will be playtesting the game, and the developer will be garnering feedback from launch. In the meantime, players can try out the free demo on Steam.

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