GRID 2 and GRID Autosport Currently on Sale on Steam

GRID 2 and GRID Autosport Currently on Sale on Steam

Well-known racing studio Codemasters has temporarily reduced to the price of two its games: GRID 2 and GRID Autosport. Both of these racers have a bit of age on them, but they’re still pretty decent titles. Definitely good if you have an older/lower-end machine and can’t run a modern racer like Project CARS 2 or Forza Motorsport 7.

The prices of both of these titles have been reduced by 75%. This brings the price of GRID 2 down to $7.49, while Autosport is just a tad bit higher at $9.99. These discounts will be available until March 6th, so you have a few days to jump on them. Additionally, check out a similar Steam discount currently going on for another racing simulator: Assetto Corsa.

If you’re interested in either of those titles, go ahead and check out these gameplay trailers for each of them:


GRID Autosport:

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