Ground Zeroes Platform Exclusive Dlc Unlocked In A New Update

Ground Zeroes platform exclusive DLC unlocked in a new update

Before Ground Zeroes was released, Hideo Kojima revealed that each platform would get their own exclusive DLC. The Xbox platforms got a side mission called “Jamais vu” which allowed you to play as Raiden whereas the PlayStation 3 and 4 got a side mission called “Déjà vu” which allowed you to play as Solid Snake as he appeared in Metal Gear Solid on the PS1.

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It seems these side missions are both going to become available to PlayStation and Xbox owners alike as an update, which is due on May 1st, will unlock these missions. It’s good to see Konami is not charging for these bits of DLC as that might tip all the critics of Ground Zeroes short length over the edge.

Along with this info, Konami has also revealed that Ground Zeroes has shipped over 1 million units despite the backlash over its short campaign.

You can check out trailers for the side missions below:

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