Obsidian's Grounded Early Access Starts Tomorrow (1)

Grounded’s 0.9.0 update is all about giving the player more control. You now have more control over the shape of your base, your character’s ability to block, and photo mode with friends. The update also adds a new mode, a bunch of improvements, and a long list of bug-related fixes and more.

The additional control you have in developing your base comes from the new curved walls and floors. There are three new curved grass walls, two curved grass floors, three curved stem walls, two curved stem floors, and two curved railings. These are all unlocked through the Pong BURG.L Chip.


You can also traverse the levels of your base in a more direct way with the addition of ladders. You can unlock these classic elevation-changing contraptions through the Hedge BURG.L Chip.

If you’d like to check out these new features without the stress of trying to survive, you can hop into the new Creative with Bugs mode. This will allow you to build to your heart’s content. And you’ll have some docile bugs to keep you company while you develop.

With the 0.9.0 update, Grounded players can now also take group photos. Activating multiplayer photo mode will pause the game for all players. Each player will have control of their character’s pose and camera position. Four new poses have been added along with multiplayer support – Modish Max, Wallowing Willow, Heroic Hoops, and Perilous Pete.

Grounded 0.9.0 improvements

Combat has received a big improvement with the latest update. You can now cancel your attack animation at any point by using block. This allows you to respond more rapidly to enemy attacks. However, attacks will now use stamina at the beginning of the animation. If you cancel an attack with a block, it will still cost you stamina.

Finding particular save games will be much easier from now on. Playthroughs have been grouped and collapsed together in the UI. Another nice improvement is that the size of save files are now significantly smaller.

The Grounded 0.9.0 update also includes a long list of bug fixes, optimizations, and world polishing. You can check everything out in detail in the complete patch notes. If you’ve never heard of Grounded because you live under a rock, check out this short rundown of what the game’s all about.

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