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Gundam Evolution gets a September release date on PC

You'd still be alive if you'd stayed home!

It wasn’t that long ago that Bandai Namco started releasing its big games on PC alongside consoles. When the company has a multiplatform title on the horizon, we can be sure that PC gamers will get their hands on it just like console players. But things are getting shaken up a little bit. The release date for Gundam Evolution is a whole two months ahead of consoles.

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For once, we’re actually getting something much earlier, which is especially surprising considering that Gundam games have only started getting PC releases in the last few years. Weird, wild stuff.


No doubt you’re itching to hop into a Mobile Suit and drive a beam saber through an opponent’s reactor. Gundam Evolution is launching on Steam very shortly on September 21, while the game won’t be showing up on consoles until November 30. While this obviously doesn’t give us Gundam Breaker 3 (give us legacy titles, Bamco), it’s nice to see a big Japanese company show this kind of interest in the PC market. If this does well enough, perhaps some series favorites could feasibly show up down the line. However, I certainly won’t be holding my breath.

Blame this on the misfortune of your birth

In case you weren’t aware, Gundam Evolution is a first-person hero shooter in the vein of Overwatch. The game will be free to play and initially feature 12 mobile suits in 6v6 matches. Additionally, the game will launch with three different game modes: Point Capture, Domination, and Destruction. The first of these is obviously about holding zones while keeping the other team off your back, while the last of them sounds like a kind of team deathmatch. This isn’t the first time that the series has entered into the multiplayer arena, either. Gundam Battle Operation games have been around for a while, with the most recent version also coming to PC.

The release date reveal came alongside a ‘mission briefing’ video for Gundam Evolution. Producer Kazuya Maruyama and Battle Director Ryota Hogaki give you the rundown on what to expect.

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