Halo Infinite design boss feels ‘everyone’s pain,’ team working on progression this week

Halo Infinite slayer playlist update

Players have been vehemently voicing their concerns over the slow progression of Halo Infinite. Developer 343 Industries has responded in kind, saying it will look into them for some kind of solution. However, it appears that players aren’t the only ones feeling the frustration. The head of design for the game, Jerry Hook, briefly took to Twitter, saying that Halo Infinite multiplayer progression will be at the “top of the list with the team.”

The message followed Hook’s brief shout out of indie game, Len’s Island. After sharing his love for something non-Halo, he assuaged any replies from fans by saying he’s still on the Infinite grind. Hook wrote that he is “feeling everyone’s pain on progression,” and promises that it will be on the table this week — now that the Thanksgiving holiday is behind us.


Fans have been incredibly vocal on the Battle Pass and progression slog of Halo Infinite since its multiplayer launched into beta. Within the two weeks of its release, opinions have gone from praise to scorn. Many fans on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit have complained that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer feels like a time vampire. The Season 1 Battle Pass, which includes armor inspired by Halo Reach, will take dozens and dozens of hours to complete. For a lot of free-to-play games, a time commitment is common. However, Halo Infinite pushes it a bit far.

Not enough time in the day

343 hasn’t been silent, at least, and has said it will look into the Battle Pass progression. Of course, changes won’t come over night — despite the demands. Recently, the team went on break following the launch of the multiplayer beta. Brian Jarrard, the community director of 343, mentioned last week that the team was taking a break for the holidays. He wrote that “constructive feedback is being heard loud and clear,” and that “will take time.”

Halo Infinite battle pass progression design

Hook, the head of design for Halo Infinite, also isn’t a fan of the grind.

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