Halo Infinite Pelican

Iconic Halo vehicles are a huge part of traversing Halo Infinite‘s open world, and a certain glitch was letting players hijack the legendary Pelican dropship. However, it seems that developer 343 Industries has patched the glitch, so it is no longer possible to try it.

With a Pelican in toe, players could traverse the skies in a vehicle that is seldom usable in the Halo series, aside from one fantastic Halo 4 level. The glitch worked in the following way. Players would have to request a vehicle from any given forward operating base on the map. When the Pelican arrived to drop off the requested vehicle, players could use their grapple hooks to climb on top of it. They could then get inside the cockpit and reload the game to find a Pelican waiting for them nearby. Unlike other vehicles in the game, the Pelican didn’t have any offensive tools, but fans of the series have always wanted to fly the vehicle, so it was a fun glitch to have.


The Halo Infinite update has left players unhappy

Season 2 of Halo Infinite, called Lone Wolves, arrived on May 3. Exciting additions like new modes, maps, and armor customization have brought some much-needed new content to the multiplayer suite. However, a host of smaller changes have left fans feeling upset at the new state of the game.

Patching the Pelican glitch is only part of the frustration for Halo Infinite players. Speedrunners in particular have expressed frustration over the many speedrunning glitches that the patch has removed from the game. This includes the Fusion Coil glitch, which let players soar into the air when grappling onto a Fusion Coil below their feet.

The developer also removed the Tank Gun glitch, meaning players can no longer obtain the all-powerful gun that functioned like the cannon of a Scorpion Tank. Elsewhere, skilled Halo players are upset over nerfs to the sliding mechanic, which has reduced the number of possible skill jumps that players can execute on multiplayer maps. With all the recent Halo Infinite changes, some were bound to be unhappy.

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