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Halo Infinite’s Tenrai event has finally arrived. It kicks off today, November 23, and features a slew of new rewards for players to earn through its 30-tier reward system. This event has been highly anticipated by the Halo community, so I’m sure many are ready to test their blades. Rewards earned during the event include new weapon skins, emblems, and a samurai-themed armor core. 

The Tenrai event is a big deal for both Halo Infinite and its developer, 343 Industries. Not only is it the first major event for the multiplayer mode, it also comes after an update that addressed issues with battle pass progression. This event also seems to have a few issues of its own that players may have problems with. First and foremost, players will only have a week to complete the event before it disappears. Don’t panic just yet, though, as it will come and go until the end of Heroes of Reach. This time around, the event lasts until Tuesday, November 30 at 1 PM ET. It will appear six times in total throughout the season.


Wake up, samurai

The star attraction is, of course, the brand-new armor core. Halo fans have been itching to try on the set ever since it got teased way back in July. The set that takes clear inspiration from iconic samurai armor and is vastly different to what the game currently has in stock. It’s certain to turn the heads of other players who have yet to obtain the full armor set for themselves.

Halo Infinite Tenrai Event Scaled

How progression works in the Tenrai event

Fracture: Tenrai comes with its own event pass alongside a unique progression path. Engaging with the new event playlist, Fracture: Tenrai — Fiesta, will allow you to progress in this events’ unique challenges. Once all the weekly challenges are completed, there won’t be any more until the event comes back around.

The Yoroi armor core will be rewarded to players once they have achieved rank five. Then, after every five ranks, a new piece of the armor will be unlocked. This includes the shoulder pieces, the helmet, and accessories as well. Progressing in the event will also reward you with XP boosts, emblems, weapon skins, and challenge swaps. 

Halo Infinite Tenrai Event Multiplayer


The tweet announcing the event showed off a few other activities that players can look forward to. Coming up are seemingly smaller events titled Winter Contingency, Cyber Showdown, and Tactical Ops. 343 Industries has yet to announce what these modes will actually entail, and the images posted don’t seem to reveal too much. 

For more details on how the Halo Infinite Tenrai event works and what you can earn, check out 343’s community post on on Steam.

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