The Witcher henry cavill mass effect tease

Henry Cavill has recovered from the injury that halted production of The Witcher Season 2 and is teasing fans about a potential next project. The star recently posted a picture on Instagram of himself in hair and makeup, but also showing a small section of a page with blurred-out writing. The internet has done some investigating, and it’s believed that the text Cavill is reading is about Mass Effect.

In the caption of the Instagram image, Cavill teased fans by suggesting the words on the page could be a secret project, or they could be completely random. The folks over at Gamepressure discovered that if you run the image through image sharpening software, some telling words are revealed.


The words in question are all related to the Mass Effect universe. “Geth” is one of these words. In Mass Effect, they are a race of networked artificial intelligences. However, even more telling than that is the word “Tai’Zorah.” She is one of the most iconic characters in the series, featuring as a playable character in all three games.

Henry Cavill Mass Effect Tease


A Mass Effect manuscript or an elaborate ruse?

Further investigation into the text from the image by Gamepressure suggests that Cavill is reading a passage from the Mass Effect 3 Wikipedia page. The passage is about the plot of the game, which leads us to believe Cavill could be recapping the story of Mass Effect in preparation for…something.

Cavill is a known gaming enthusiast, so a role in some form of a Mass Effect project is certainly not a big leap. As for what the project could be, there are plenty of options. It could be a new title in the video game franchise. Netflix loves a good TV show adaption of a video game, so it could very well be that. It could also be a Hollywood film. However, it could also be Henry Cavill messing with fans. He’s known to have a sense of humor. As Cavill himself says in the post: “Guess you’ll have to wait and see.”

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