How Long Is Forspoken Game Length Campaign Length Guide
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Forspoken is an open-world adventure role-playing game. In it, you’ll play as Frey as you roam around the world of Athia. You’ll visit many regions, battle countless foes, and acquire a lot of abilities. So, how long is Forspoken and how many hours can you expect to spend in this entire endeavor? We discuss these in our game length guide.

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Forspoken game campaign length guide — How long is Forspoken?

According to, a campaign run in Forspoken takes as long as 15 hours and 22 minutes. That’s the average benchmark if you’re only focusing on the main story. However, that can extend up to almost 18 hours if you’re taking your sweet time, whereas rushing would clock in at around 13 and a half hours. To be clear, though, only a few people have been polled, so I might as well include my experience.

Main story (15 hours) – I started playing Forspoken on launch day. By then, I already had an idea that certain sections of the world map would only become accessible after progressing further in the campaign. That’s when you’d defeat bosses to obtain new spells, including those that helped you with traversal (i.e., Zip grapple or Glide surfboard). As such, I decided to focus on the main story first, tackling a dozen of the game’s chapters in succession. I did a bit of grinding on the side, too, just so I could upgrade some spells. I rolled credits in roughly 15 hours, which is fairly close to the polled average.

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Main story + exploration and collectibles (45 hours) – Exploration, though, is a whole different topic altogether. Without spoiling major plot developments, let’s just say that the campaign in Forspoken only takes you to roughly 10 zones out of around 20. If you’re beelining for objectives, you’ll hardly check certain locations, and you’ll ignore a bunch of stuff in the game world. These include Founts of Blessing, Flashback Challenges, puzzle chests that net you Old Coins so you can eventually craft the best cloak/necklace, secret areas that are unreachable until you finish the game, and lots of points-of-interest/collectibles.

In my experience, the campaign and additional exploration took around 45 hours. This included roaming around to tag fast travel points, the aforementioned activities, and some extra stuff. To be clear, though, there are still a few things I haven’t tackled (i.e., the pushover altered mutants, certain forts/villages, several Labyrinths, and Spellcraft Challenges for the abilities I normally don’t use). In all likelihood, I’d probably tack on a dozen hours or so just to clear all activities.

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Forspoken is available via Steam.

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