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Since Flying Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior 3 was only about five hours and Trek to Yomi was about three, you may be wondering how long Evil West is by the end. I know I was a bit concerned when I started the game, as I was looking forward to a full-length adventure and not something that I would be done with in a couple of sittings. After playing through the game, I’m mostly satisfied with how long it took me to get through it, even if the replay value isn’t where it could have been. So, how long is Evil West and how many chapters does it have?

How long is Evil West?

According to my save file, Evil West took me about nine hours to get through on normal difficulty. The game has 16 chapters, most of which hit or exceeded the 40-minute mark. However, I don’t think this takes into account any retries, as I did die in many sections. The first enemy encounter in chapter 10, for instance, took me about half an hour of attempts before I was able to get past it. I’d say the game probably took me about 12 hours altogether. Of course, I didn’t 100% the game and missed a few of the chests with upgrades in them. I also didn’t get all the achievements.

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Since there’s a New Game Plus mode, you can easily spend more time in the game, depending on whether or not you want to collect enough cash to fully upgrade all of Jesse’s weapons and abilities. The game isn’t exactly packed with content for a $50 USD purchase, but it’s a far cry from the short runtimes of Flying Wild Hog’s other games that were released this year. Well, there you have it. Evil West will probably run you around a dozen hours, depending on what difficulty you pick and whether or not you’re a completionist.

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