How to clear your Bounty in Starfield: Self-service bounty clearance locations

How To Clear Your Bounty In Starfield Self Service Bounty Clearance Locations
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Whether your intent is good or bad, you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law at some point while playing Starfield. Here’s how to clear your Bounty in Starfield, as well as some tips and where to find common locations for Tracker’s Alliance kiosk stations.

How to find Starfield Bounty kiosk locations

Starfield Bounties are paid off in credits at kiosk stations around the galaxy. You’ll find these kiosks at major cities in addition to certain outposts. There’s a Bounty clearance kiosk in the New Atlantis Spaceport (Jemison, Alpha Centauri system) inside the Viewport bar. Another is at Cydonia (Mars, Sol system) just left of the entrance to the Broken Spear bar. You can also find one at Neon (Volii Alpha, Volii system) by the wall near the Astral Lounge entrance and in Volii Hotel.

Bounty kiosk stations also appear on a decent number of remote outposts, so it’s worth checking if you want to clear your heat at a lower risk of encountering police and losing your precious contraband. It’s also possible to place Bounty stations in your home for extra convenience. Once you become a property owner, of course.

How to clear your Bounty in Starfield

Access the stations to view your current Bounty amount, as well as some information about what crime resulted in the Bounty. Notice that Bounties apply to factions. It’s actually possible to have multiple Bounties in Starfield. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, since you can escape to a different faction’s territory before you need to worry about your legal status again. Once you’re in that different faction’s territory, you can then use the Bounty stations to pay off your heat before returning.

Don’t try and use Bounty stations in the same faction territory where you’re actively wanted, though. The terminal will deny your payment and even call the police. You can only leverage Bounty stations for dealing with your legal problems in separate faction territories.

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Image: Bethesda

The severity of your crimes matters a lot in Starfield, so choose your actions wisely. Mere stealing or pick-pocketing will get you in hot water for a few thousand credits, but murder racks up 15,000 credits per pop. Don’t be like me, who accidentally threw a grenade in a city, and unfortunately vowed on day one not to reload old saves. It was worth it, though, because I eventually came up with the best controller settings and bindings for playing Starfield.

At any rate, you will need to pay a fine and give up your stolen goods to the police if they arrest you. If you can’t afford the fee, you’ll then go to jail and lose XP. That’s a nice touch to the roleplay element of Starfield, but not an attractive outcome, either.

Now you know how to clear your Bounty in Starfield via some convenient kiosk locations. We have piles of other useful guides, too, so check out how to increase your player carry capacity, what Companion skills do, and where to buy minerals.

Starfield is available now on Steam and via Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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