Fortnite Wolverine Challenge

Fortnite players have been eagerly waiting to unlock the Marvel Wolverine skin. Previously, the challenges had you searching for mysterious claw marks and searching for the Wolverine loading screen. Now, the third Fortnite Wolverine challenge is available to complete, taking you one step closer to unlocking the skin. This challenge requires you to locate Wolverine’s trophy. The trophy can be found at Dirty Docks, a marked location on the map. In total, there are not too many Wolverine challenges left to complete. Soon enough, you will be able to show the skin off in a match.

Hunt down Wolverine’s trophy

The trophy refers to one of the heads of the giant Sentinel robots. Once you load into a match, you should land at the singular building that is disconnected from the rest of the Dirty Docks complex. The building containing the trophy is gray and on the edge of the pier. It is important to note that you may encounter many enemy players trying to complete the same challenge. Perhaps, you could collect some weapons along the way if you wish. Then, make your way inside the building and locate the trophy. You will find the trophy inside one of the small closet rooms, on the bottom of a shelf. Approach the trophy and use the prompt to interact with it.

Dirty Docks

Once you interact with the trophy, the challenge will be marked as complete. For your efforts, you will receive the Sentinel head as a new back bling which can be equipped on any character. The Fortnite Wolverine challenges are just a few that Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 has to offer. Also, there are a series of Awakening challenges that can be completed for each Marvel superhero or villain, for example, the Thor challenges. There are also challenges that require you to go above and beyond, such as unlocking the Marvel variant skins.

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