How to create Jump Throw bind in Counter-Strike 2

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Counter-Strike utility lineups are one of the most important parts of the competitive or pro gameplay scene. Players learn a lot of new lineups, and most of these include the Jump Throw feature. Valve is releasing Counter-Strike 2, a newly arranged version of CS:GO. Unfortunately, in a recent Twitter post, the developers have discredited the necessity of setting the Jump Throw key bind in Counter-Strike 2, which allows the players to jump and throw utilities just by pressing a button.

In CS2, players must jump manually and throw utilities while maintaining perfect timing. Many players still feel the need to set up a bind, as the drop location of these utilities greatly depends on microelements, like the timing of the throw and other factors. In this guide, we will provide you with a detailed guide to creating a Jump Throw bind in Counter-Strike 2.

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How to create Jump Throw bind in CS2

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The steps to create a Jump Throw bind might be a bit confusing if you don’t have a clear idea of how the dev console of Counter-Strike works. However, you can follow the given steps to set up a Jump Throw bind in your Counter-Strike 2 game.

  1. Open your CS2 folder. The folder can be mostly found by following this path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive.
  2. After entering the Counter-Strike Global Offensive folder, follow this path to find the config file of the game: game\csgo\cfg.
  3. In the cfg folder, create a new Text Document file.
  4. Rename the .txt file to jumpthrow.cfg. Make sure to change the extension to .cfg as well. You can also copy a .cfg file from this folder, paste it, and rename it to jumpthrow.
  5.  Now, open the jumpthrow.cfg file with Notepad.
  6. Inside the Notepad, paste the given commands.alias “+jumpaction” “+jump;”
    alias “+throwaction” “-attack; -attack2”
    alias “-jumpaction” “-jump”
    bind [key] “+jumpaction;+throwaction;”alias “+runthrow” “+forward;+jump;”
    alias “-runthrow” “-jump;-forward”
    bind [key] “+runthrow;+throwaction”

    On the [key] spot, enter your preferred key to bind.

  7. Now, press CTRL+S to save the file.
  8. Open Counter-Strike 2, and open the dev console.
  9. Now type, exec jumpthrow, and press enter.

Following this process will enable the jump throw and run throw binds in Counter-Strike 2. However, make sure to input these commands each time you enter the game to ensure the binds are working properly.

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