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How to earn money fast in Moonstone Island

Make that dough.

Like many video games, Moonstone Island has a main currency. Although many people say money can’t buy you happiness, it can certainly help get you there. If you want to learn how to earn money fast in Moonstone Island, continue reading.

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Moonstone Island: Best ways to earn money fast

There are plenty of different ways to get yourself some cash in this game. Typically, it comes from selling items, but there are some tricks to this. You can earn money fast in Moonstone island by selling gems, Ingots, and Spirit Research.

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First of all, you’ll quickly discover donating Spirit Research is the best way to earn the most money. The first time I turned in research at the Science Center, I earned myself around 5,000-8,000 gold.

This was after only having played two in-game weeks and finally discovering that Spirit Research makes bank. Take a trip to the Science Center every few days after you’ve tamed, fought, or hatched new Spirits.

Other than that method, you should sell things. But don’t sell everything, since gems have some other uses. Gems, while good for selling in your sell crate, are used in certain crafting recipes. Although their descriptions say they’re only good for selling, it’s wrong! Some recipes I’ve noticed require a blue or green gem. Whenever you collect gems from digging through chests, I recommend you keep a few and sell the rest.

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Now what about Ingots? Well, don’t sell them through the sell crate. Sell your Ingots to Ferra at the Smithy, since she buys them for 150% of what they’re worth. You’ll find tons of copper and iron throughout the islands, which you can turn into Ingots using a Furnace. They sell for quite a bit if you bring them to Ferra. Just make sure to not sell all of them, as you need Ingots for crafting items and upgrading tools.

Other than the Smithy, other places in Moonstone Island purchase items from you at a higher price. Sell seeds at the nursery/greenhouse, or you can even sell Spirit resources to the Science Center, both for 1.5x the price.

These methods are by far the best ways to make money fast in Moonstone Island. If you’re interested in selling Spirit resources to the Science Center to make some money, just remember you’ll need to build a Spirit Barn first.

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