How to get Skeletal Horse in Tears of the Kingdom

How To Get Skeletal Horse In Tears Of The Kingdom

Do you remember the Skeletal Horses from Breath of the Wild? They’re still here in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and the process to find one is relatively simple. If you want to relive your dreams of riding around like a headful Horseman, here’s how to get the Skeletal Horse in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to find Skeletal Horses in Tears of the Kingdom

An NPC named Toffa will tip you off. He’s outside by the horses at the Outskirt Stables next to the Coliseum Ruins by the Tsutu-um Shrine. Talking to him starts a sidequest about it.

He asks you if you’ve heard about the Skeletal Horse and that they appear at night down at an abandoned park called Sanidin Park Ruins with a horse statue.

The park with a horse statue in question is down the path across the bridge. You can simply follow the path until you come across it.

Sanidin Park Ruins

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Now all you have to do is wait until nightfall. There’s a Korok hiding in the fountain if you need something to do in the meantime. But be careful waiting for nightfall because skeletal enemies can and will spawn and possibly destroy you in one hit.

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Taming the Skeletal Horse

How To Get Skeletal Horse In Tears Of The Kingdom Appearance

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Once nightfall hits, they will simply appear in the field below the park. The process to mount one is the same as any–you have to mount and soothe. They are very prone and likely to kick, though, so they’re better approached from the side or front.

How To Get Skeletal Horse In Tears Of The Kingdom Horse Mount

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Once you’ve mounted one, you may as well victory lap ride back to the Outskirt Stable to show it to Toffa, who proceeds to ask you to mount something that isn’t a horse and then he’ll have seen everything.

Skeletal Horse Toffa Present

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Apparently a literal Skeletal Horse isn’t good enough for him.

Skeletal Horse Register

Don’t talk about my new friend like that. Screenshot by PC Invasion

You also can’t register your new companion, unfortunately, and it will disappear at morning, which is the saddest thing in this game so far. Say your goodbyes before it hits morning.

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