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How to get the Red Death Reformed Catalyst in Destiny 2

All it takes is a bit of patience.

Destiny 2 is changing everything we know about seasonal content. After The Final Shape, Guardians will be receiving new episodes, starting with Episode 1: Echoes. But with so many changes happening with new weapons, let’s find out how to get the Red Dead Reformed catalyst in Destiny 2.

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Where to get the Red Dead Reformed Catalyst in Destiny 2

How To Get The Red Death Reformed Catalyst In Destiny 2 Season Pass
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When you hop into the game to face off against the Witness, you’ll notice a lot has changed about Destiny 2. New legendary weapons, a new Power cap, and more await you. However, if you purchased the Season Pass, you’ll earn yourself a brand-new Exotic: the Red Death Reformed.

Like almost every Exotic weapon, Red Death comes with an obtainable catalyst. And to get the Red Death Reformed catalyst in Destiny 2, you must reach rank 145 on the season pass. This will take you quite some time to progress through the first 144 ranks, but you won’t be able to just buy your way to it as soon as possible.

Since episodes are replacing the normal seasonal features we’ve come to know, their roadmap for when the full episode is available has changed as well. For example, once you complete the story of The Final Shape, you’ll be able to start the first act of Episode 1. There are a total of 3 Acts for the Episode, but they’re all not immediately available.

Bungie has increased the size of season passes with the launch of Episodes, with the season pass going all the way to rank 200. However, after the first 100 ranks, you’ll have to wait until Monday, July 15th, 2024 to access Act 2 of the season pass and story content.

Thankfully, waiting for the catalyst gives you time to focus on other new features in Destiny 2 The Final Shape. Such as how you can enhance certain weapons and unlock better perk stats.

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