Vanguard career report

Call of Duty: Vanguard launched around six months ago, and if you’ve owned the game since day one, it’s likely that you play a lot of multiplayer. Have you ever wondered what your Vanguard statistics are? If so, you are now in luck, because Activision has rolled out a new way to track your multiplayer performance. You can receive your Vanguard multiplayer career report by following a few simple steps. This is not the first time you have been able to receive a report, as you could receive your Warzone stats before the end of Verdansk.

To get started, head to the Call of Duty Twitter account. Make sure you have your Activision ID on hand and you’re ready to get your Vanguard report. All you have to do is tweet the official Call of Duty account using @CallofDuty accompanied by #VanguardReport and your Activision ID. Then, you should receive a graphic which lists your stats.


Show off your Vanguard career report

Your Vanguard report will give you an overview of your multiplayer performance. You will be able to see your elimination to death ratio, total eliminations, number of match wins, most eliminations in a game, and your highest kill streak.

After you receive your first report, hop back into Vanguard and improve your stats. You can then repeat the process to receive a new Vanguard report, which will show the differences between your previous report. Also, the new report will show an additional stat, your all-time missed shots. Make sure you have the best loadout equipped so you can keep this statistic as the lowest number on your report.

Receiving your Vanguard career report is a fun little touch to your multiplayer experience. Apart from being able to find out your stats, you will be able to secure yourself some bragging rights over your friends.

Vanguard career report

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