How to get Work Pants in Super Mario RPG

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If you are going to be the hero of the story once again, you better not forget to put your pants on! Here is how to get Work Pants in Super Mario RPG.

Super Mario RPG: How to Get Work Pants

Getting pants in a Mario game surely sounds like a very peculiar activity, and that’s because it is. While armor, accessories, and weapons won’t change your looks, constantly getting better items is a great way to ensure your survivability in Super Mario RPG.

One of the early items you should consider getting – even for your whole party – is the Work Pants. You can find them at Moleville, but unfortunately, you can’t get there from the get-go.

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You see, Super Mario RPG is a linear experience in which you continue to unlock locations. Before you venture into Moleville, you will have to collect the second Star in the game. You can also consider this as finishing the second Chapter in the game.

As soon as you complete the chapter – and Geno is added to your party – you will get to visit Moleville, another town that the game’s antagonist is terrorizing. While getting this chapter’s star will open up several activities and quests, you can go ahead and visit the Mushroom store in Moleville to get the Work Pants.

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They cost 22 coins a piece, and are a decent armor for the three members of your party. I purchased three pieces and made them all wear Work Pants. While several items are exclusive for each character, the Work Pants, in my opinion, have more pros than those of the character-exclusive ones. Well, at least for the moment, of course.

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You can also purchase some weapons while you are in here, especially for Mallow since he doesn’t possess a strong attack damage. Go ahead and venture yourself into the mines to discover what the Smithy Gang is up to this time.

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