Warzone weapon tuning patch

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 6 began at the end of last month. As always, fans were intrigued to find out what new weapons would be added to kick off the season. However, a problem quickly became apparent with the balancing of both the AS VAL and the SP- R 208. The AS VAL proved to be too overpowered in comparison to other assault rifles. In its previous state, the weapon was a wallbanging machine, which is problematic in both multiplayer and Warzone. Similarly, the SP-R 208 had an incredible amount of accuracy, and it is capable of achieving one-shot kills. Now, Infinity Ward has responded to these weapon tuning issues with a patch.

To begin, the bug has been fixed where the magazines allowed for bullet to penetrate through various walls. This has been implemented for both the AS VAL and the SP-R 208. Another weapon participating in the weapon tuning patch is the SKS. This weapon now has a reduction to its aim down sight speed whilst using the variable zoom scope.

Warzone weapon tuning patch

The hardest hit in the weapon tuning patch

Specific to the SP-R 208, there has been an increase to flinch and a small reduction to the aim down sight speed. Next, the variable zoom scope was a popular attachment on this weapon. However, the patch has hit it with a nerf, by moving the weapon closer when aiming down sight. Also, the .300 Norma mag and .388 Lapua magazine ammo will now be less powerful. There has been a reduction to their bullet velocity and aim down sight speed implemented.

You can now safely hop into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone after the weapon tuning patch, without the need to worry about running into these weapons. In addition, a fix has rolled out for the new fast-travel subway systems involving the gas. Previously, there was a bug that allowed players to stay alive in the gas while in the subway. This has been fixed, meaning there is no longer a way to cheat death!

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