Warzone JOKR kill streak

Players have been able to come up with various tricks to use around Verdansk and Rebirth Island. In some ways, they have been able to counter some of the most frustrating bugs and glitches. Included, is players being able to see through walls and players taking advantage of the Roze skin. Since the launch of Warzone, kill streaks featuring in the battle royale has caused some dispute.

You can buy a kill streak from the various buy stations around the map, and kill streaks can prove to be game changing. You can kill players who may be positioned on top of a building, or slow down enemies that are pushing you. One Call of Duty: Warzone player has found a new and innovative way to use kill streaks that involves the JOKR.


The JOKR is a rocket launcher that it able to lock onto vehicles. Also, you are able to lock onto surfaces with the weapon, making it more effective. A clip was uploaded to Reddit showing how a cluster strike and a JOKR launcher can be combined. As you can see, the player suspects that there are enemies way above them in the building. Therefore, they proceed to cluster strike the building. The player then uses the JOKR to lock onto where the enemy players may retreat to. This leads to the player successfully gaining some eliminations.

Saw this here recently, decided to give it a try from CODWarzone

Watch out for the next time you encounter a kill streak and a JOKR

This trick is situational and you will not be able to use it all around Verdansk. Despite this, it can be a useful tactic to know if you ever find yourself in the same situation as the Reddit player. Additionally, if you find yourself inside a similar building, you can now ensure that you do not fall victim to the Warzone JOKR kill streak trick.

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