Kingdom Come to Epic Games Store free games list

One benefit of using the Epic Games Store is being able to download select titles for free. And next week will see two big ones joining that promotion.

The company revealed that the medieval adventure game Kingdom Come: Deliverance and the hack-and-slash indie title Aztez will be free to download. Epic will have these games available from February 13 to February 20.

What do these games bring to players?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been a huge cult hit since its release back in 2018. In it, players portray a farm boy looking to become a soldier after his parents are killed by mercenaries. As you make your journey across the massive open world, you’ll learn new skills, master challenging combat, and earn new perks. It may be a tough journey, but it’s one that will reward players that look to take it on. Oh, and Epic will give it to you for free, so that helps. Check it out in action below.

Also coming is Aztez, a nifty black-and-white adventure from Team Colorblind. In this blood-filled brawler, players will embrace both beat-em-up tactics and turn-based strategy as they mow down opponents. That said, you probably shouldn’t hop into every battle too thirsty for blood. New challenges await, and if you aren’t ready, you’ll become ancient history in no time.

Aztez features an innovative campaign mode that changes each time, along with eight different weapons, 70 distinct items, and much more. Check it out in the trailer below.

For the time being, the Epic Games Store has two board games available for free to challenge players’ skills. The classic Carcassonne is available for download, featuring a modern take on the tile-placement game. And there’s also Ticket To Ride, which is available here. Players will master the railways with a number of strategies, either alone or playing alongside friends. Check out the trailer for this fun little game below.

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