Life Is Strange 2

Life is Strange 2 will draw to an end on December 3

The Diaz brothers' story is coming to a close
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Life is Strange 2 is coming to an end, and players will soon discover how their choices have impacted the ending of the game. In anticipation for the fifth and final episode, which releases on December 3, Dontnod Entertainment has released a video entitled “Daniel’s Education Explained.” It focuses on the younger Diaz brother and how players’ decisions guide his development.

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Warning: there are spoilers for previous episodes in the video.

Impressionable youth

Life is Strange 2‘s story focuses on the two Diaz brothers, Sean and Daniel, and their journey towards a new home in Mexico. They are running away after the death of their father and the manifestation of supernatural powers in Daniel. How Daniel learns to use that power is up to the player and the decisions you make as Sean.

Life is Strange 2 draws many similarities to the first game, including a teenage protagonist and a supernatural power that alters their life. In addition, strong writing gives way to sympathetic characters, although they don’t quite reach the level of the lonely protagonist Maxine from the first game.

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 5

Every choice you make has an impact on the game world. However, your decisions aren’t just reflected by right and wrong. Daniel’s development is based on two factors: Morality and Brotherhood. Daniel doesn’t just learn in obvious, afterschool special moments, either. He can learn from conversations with Sean or by watching Sean’s actions. Remember, you’re his role model here. Life is Strange 2 has over 50 moments that shape the mind of Daniel, resulting in multiple possible endings.

The end of the road

You have to wonder where Dontnod is going with Daniel and Sean’s story. There is surely an emotional climax approaching. Will it be tragic? Or will it be bittersweet? However the game ends, Dontnod has proven that it has the formula and writing chops to create an emotional adventure experience. With the unfortunate closure of Telltale Games last year, Dontnod is now the most high-profile developer for choice-driven narrative adventures (although there might be hope for Telltale’s unfinished franchises).

You can purchase Life is Strange 2 on Steam or the official website.

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