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Recently on Twitter, Hideo Kojima posted some pictures of the special edition Metal Gear Solid consoles he’s helped release in the past and possibly hinted that another one might be in the works.

Posting pictures of each console along with a sentence or two about each console, Kojima then left a cryptic message in Japanese. He said: “After all, I wonder if you want a limited edition?”

A few hours later he then added: “[SONY] × [PS4] × [MGS GZ] collaboration initiative is in progress. More information at a later date.”


Although this is hardly proof that a Metal Gear Solid PS4 is coming it is certainly enough to put us in alert mode. Why would Kojima just randomly start posting pics of old Metal Gear consoles and then ask us if we’d like another? The Metal Gear Solid franchise has been a system seller since the PlayStation 1 and I’m sure Sony would be up for creating a Metal Gear Solid V themed PS4. He also posted a picture of the Metal Gear Solid 4 special edition PS4 saying it was his favourite which suggests that if he is making a new Metal Gear console then it will be a PS4 rather than a Vita.

Metal Gear solid: Ground Zeroes is a prologue to The Phantom Pain and is due to be released in March on the Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One. The Phantom Pain will be released at a later date.

Source: IGN

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