Devolver confirms a March release date, new voice talent, for Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3 release date march

Following a delay and a leak, Shadow Warrior 3 will indeed release this coming March. It was a mere two weeks ago we saw the release date leak via the Microsoft and PlayStation stores. While store leaks are sometimes correct, it pays to be a little skeptical. After all, any date found in storefronts can be mere placeholders. That’s not the case with Shadow Warrior 3, which heads to a March 1 release date. At last, demon heads are about to roll.

Alongside the release date news, apparently a couple characters in Shadow Warrior 3 will sound a bit different. Publisher Devolver Digital announced that Mike Moh is stepping in to replace Jason Liebrecht as Lo Wang. SungWon Cho will voice Orochi Zilla, replacing Eugene Lee. Andromeda Dunker is voicing Motoko, to be introduced in Shadow Warrior 3. Alex Dobrenko, however, will remain as the voice of Hoji.


Devolver and developer Flying Wild Hog also released a trailer featuring some of the new vocal talent. Longtime Shadow Warrior fans should spot the change pretty quickly, and Moh’s take on Lo Wang brings a more youthful vibe. The trailer also pokes fun at the prior delay, with Wang commenting: “Didn’t quite nail that 2021 release date, huh?” Nope, they did not. But it’s all good, as the game will arrive in four weeks from today.

Pair up for some beatdowns

Shadow Warrior 3 sees Lo Wang and Zilla pair up once again for some buddy cop hijinks. Together with the totally-not-Rita-Repulsa sorceress Motoko, the team hunts down an “ancient dragon they unwillingly unleashed from its eternal prison.” And that sounds like something these idiots would do. To make up for the blunder, the three forge out across the world, gathering items, and pretty much killing anything that stand in their way. I’m sure it’ll make for a good time.

We’ll know for sure when Shadow Warrior 3 releases for PC on March 1.

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