Marvel’s Avengers will assemble on Xbox Game Pass for PC this week

Marvels Avengers Xbox Game Pass For Pc Feat

In what could be seen as a final effort to bring player count up, the divisive Marvel’s Avengers is heading to Xbox Game Pass for PC later this week. It includes the base game along with all post-launch content, including the expansion. Black Panther: War for Wakanda launched for the game last month. Game Pass subscribers will have access to it along with the rest of Marvel’s Avengers on September 30.

Granted, I’m probably not being all too fair. Marvel’s Avengers has gotten a lot of updates and changes since it launched last year. Even the Steam rating has gone from Mixed to Mostly Positive. And hell, we also liked the game despite its issues. This week, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will receive a lot of game to play through, offering many hours of content. It’s plenty of time to figure out if the game hits all the right marks for you. It didn’t for me back in the day. I just didn’t care for it when I played the beta way back when. But with it coming to Game Pass, I might give it another shot with some of my buddies.


As mentioned, there will be a lot to do. Marvel’s Avengers will come with all the post-launch content when it lands on Xbox Game Pass for PC. This includes all the heroes and missions brought to you following the release. It also includes the Endgame Edition DLC, which brings new outfits for heroes such as Iron Man (Bleeding Edge outfit) and Thor (Young Thor outfit). Along with the other content, you can also play as Black Panther in the War for Wakanda expansion. Naturally, in the expansion Black Panther must face off against Ulysses Klaue, who brought a small army of robots to the party.

Marvels Avengers Xbox Game Pass For Pc Wakanda

I don’t see how that’s a party.

Put on the suit

Marvel’s Avengers does the hero landing onto Xbox Game Pass for PC starting September 30. It’s announcement should come as a nice surprise, especially considering how stacked the month has been. The service already got a lot of games in September, ranging from Sable to I am Fish. Having one more to round out the month certainly isn’t a bad thing.

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